"Eating well" is a heritage of Humanity. With this site I wish to share my passion for cooking. For every recipe, I've tried to use simple and traditional ingredients and not complicated working procedures. All recipes have been "tested and approved" by my Italian friends. I was born in Brazil and my father was Italian. I work as an architect and I live in Italy since 1984. I would like to warmly thank those people who teach with enthusiasm and joy, those who enjoy food made with love, and also Chris, Enrico, Helio, Manuela, Marino, Paola, Roberta, Stefania, Vicky and Victoria. Further on I express my thanks to all sites that have given us inspiration and permission to use photos. Last, but not least, I thank everybody for visiting "Sabor Brasil".
You can contact us by e-mail: info@saborbrasil.it

Fernanda Bocconi 

Brescia, 11.11.2011  

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