Rocambole de doce de leite ("Dulce de leche" roulade)

"Rocambole com doce de leite" is a mouth watering homemade cake, simple and quick to make. The chocolate version of this recipe goes very well with dulce de leche.


  • • 4 large eggs
  • • 125 g sugar
  • • 125 g all-purpose flour
  • • 400 g dulce de leche
  • For the chocolate batter:
  • • 4 large eggs
  • • 125 g sugar
  • • 100 g all-purpose flour
  • • 50 g cocoa powder

Preparation method

1. Heat the oven to 200°C.  
2. Line a baking sheet (about 34 x 34 cm) with grease-proof paper.  
3. Beat the eggs with the sugar for about 5 minutes. The eggs should be at room temperature. 
4. Sift the flour over the beaten eggs and stir gently. For the chocolate batter sift flour and cocoa together. 
5. Pour the batter over the lined baking sheet leveling the surface.  
6. Bake for about 15 minutes. Be careful not to over bake and dry out your cake. 
7. While the cake is still hot, roll it up (lengthwise) together with the grease-proof paper.  
8. When the cake cools carefully unroll it, remove grease-proof paper and spread the "dulce de leche" filling over it.  
9. Roll the cake back and wrap the roll in the grease-proof paper. Slide the roll onto a serving dish with the seam side down and gently remove the grease-proof paper. Powder with sugar and, if you like, sprinkle with colored sugar.
Posted on: 20 November 2011
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