Suco de melancia (Watermelon Juice)

Suco de melancia (Watermelon Juice)


Watermelon is a very common fruit in Italy as in Brazil, but the juice, in Italy, remains virtually unknown.
Don’t miss it … try it!

• watermelon (about 250 g for a large glass)
• sugar, if needed

Preparation method
1. Cut the watermelon into wedges and remove the flesh from the skin. Chop the watermelon flesh into small pieces, removing as many seeds as you can.
2. Put the watermelon chunks in the refrigerator until it’s very cold.
3. Blend the watermelon until it is totally pulverized. If necessary, add sugar to taste.
4. Pass through a large meshed sieve OR let it rest for a few minutes and seed bits will settle to the bottom.
5. Add some ice cubes and serve immediately. Add a little squeeze of lemon juice or garnish with mint leaves, if desired.


Posted on: 04 July 2012