Quibe/Kibe frito (Fried Kibbeh)

Quibe/Kibe frito (Fried Kibbeh)

Kibbeh is a traditional fried croquette very popular in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Arab immigration in the late nineteenth century brought the kibbeh to Brazil, and it has become an integral part of Brazilian cuisine. The Syrian pepper is a combination of spices and, as curry, has many interpretations.


For the outer side:
• 500 g ground beef
• 250 g crushed bulgar wheat
• 1 large onion
• a handful of fresh mint leaves
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1 teaspoon Syrian pepper or black pepper

For the filling:
• 250 g ground beef
• ½ onion
• 1 garlic glove
• 2 tablespoons chopped parsley
• 2 tablespoons corn oil
• 50 g roasted peanuts
• 1 level teaspoon salt
• ½ teaspoon black pepper

For Syrian pepper:
• 2 parts black pepper powder
• 1 part cinnamon powder
• 1 part cloves powder
• ½ part grated nutmeg

Preparation method

For the outer side:
1. Let the crushed bulgar wheat soak in cold water in a large bowl for about 2 hours, then drain, wrap it in a clean cloth and squeeze out all the remaining water.
2. Mix the drained crushed bulgar wheat with the chopped onion, ground beef, salt, Syrian pepper and fresh mint leaves.
3. Put the dough through the mincer and mix well with hands.

For the filling:
1. Chop the onion finely and sauté together with the garlic in the oil. Add the ground beef and cook until starting to dry. Season with salt and pepper.
2. Add the chopped parsley and peanuts and mix well.

To assemble the kibbeh:
1. Form the dough into golf ball sized pieces with greased hands.
2. Using an index finger and holding the ball in your other hand, make a pocket for 2 tablespoons of the meat filling.
3. Cover the open sides to seal the filling and using both hands mold it in a rugby ball shape.
4. Deep fry a few at a time in the hot oil, so as to keep the oil hot, until they are golden brown. To check the temperature put a toothpick into the oil: if bubbles start to form around the woodand float up, your oil is hot enough. Place them on paper towels to drain excess oil
5. Serve hot with lemon wedges and hot pepper.
6. You may also serve it as a main dish accompanied with green salad and yogurt sauce.

Yield: 18 kibbehs.

Posted on: 20 March 2012