Maionese (How to make homemade mayonnaise)

Maionese (How to make homemade mayonnaise)


• 1 egg
• a pinch of salt
• 1 teaspoon of yellow mustard
• a few drops of lemon juice
• 150 ml corn oil, approximately

Preparation method

  1. Crack the egg into an immersion blender container.
  2. Add the salt, the yellow mustard and the lemon juice.
  3. Then add corn oil until a volume of about 200 ml was reached.
  4. Place an immersion blender to the bottom of the container and turn on.
  5. Once the mixture begins to thicken, slowly pull blender up (up and down a couple of times) to make sure mixture mixes completely. To get a thicker consistency add a little oil, still blending.

Note: If mayonnaise didn’t thicken, set aside the mixture. In another container crack one more egg, add a little corn oil and begin to blend. Once mixture begins to thick, still blending, add the first mixture, a little at a time, until the desired consistency is achieved.

Posted on: 15 May 2017